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David Laid

6 Years ago I began my fitness journey as a 90 pound frail, lanky, near emaciated teen looking to build confidence and become comfortable in my own skin. Although my central goal has always been muscular development, I quickly fell in love with strength training as an integral part of acquiring the physique of my dreams. Physical changes don’t occur overnight, but chasing strength became a source of constant motivation for me, a goal to strive for day in and day out in the gym, a goal which I could see materialize from training session to training session.

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The Benefits

Bespoke Workout Plan

Smart Algorithms and the ideal compound and isolation movements

Hypertrophy vs. Strength

Use the right tool for the job. An expert insight into muscle growth.

Understand DUP

Understand Daily Undulating Periodization and the science behind it.

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Training Philosophy


I'm a strong believer in programming which prioritizes strength in the development of one’s physique. It is the natural lifter's most valuable tool in being able to make sustained progress in building muscle mass and achieving genetic potential. Daily undulating periodization has been clinically demonstrated to yield the highest strength returns over any other method of periodization. Progressive tension overload is the central driver of muscle growth (hypertrophy). The stronger we get, the more rapidly we can increase workload volume and achieve progressive tension overload. This program will calculate your personalized, individual numbers for every workout based on the input of your core lift maxes; taking out the guesswork, preventing overreaching, and driving progressive overload each and every workout session. Ditch the pump and fluff workouts and cookie cutter bro splits that are all too common in the industry, and stick to a workout regimen that integrates the most optimal methods of periodization and exercise selection, to fulfill your long term fitness and physique goals.

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